Going Places Singapore is an online magazine about appreciating our city. We give you an insider look into familiar neighbourhoods, favourite spaces, and lesser known places. We find out what makes our city tick, what matters most to us and how some of you have been re-shaping the environment around you so that everyone else can enjoy it a little better. We share your personal stories and future dreams to keep us going in transforming our home.

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  • Daryl Tan

    Daryl is pursuing a degree in Arts Management. As a freelance writer, she has written about the arts, heritage and covered travel destinations. She goes to church on Sundays, loves Charles Bukowski and visits arts museums.

  • Adora Wong

    Like everyone else, Adora goes places. She has written for Lonely Planet Asia, Esquire Singapore and GIST by The Philippine Star, among other publications. 

  • Justin Zhuang

    A writer and researcher with an interest in design, cities, culture, history and media, Justin has written much about Singapore, covering everything from its empty spaces to its old school playgrounds.

  • Timothy Misir

    Timothy is rediscovering Singapore after being a journalist in Russia for several years. His stories can be found in The Moscow Times, St. Petersburg Times, The Atlantic, Citiscope and Network Awesome. Get in touch.

  • Nur Safiah Alias

    Safiah likes to bask in the warmth of people’s souls. She's a freelance writer and editor and has worked in India, Indonesia, and Malaysia but still calls Singapore home. There's no place like it.

  • Ruthe Kee

    Writer, illustrator, art director—given the number of hats Ruthe wears, she might as well be a hatter. If you are looking for a milliner (read: jill-of-all-trades), you know where to go.

  • Jessica Lai

    Jessica is currently a Special Projects Editor who has written about pets, bridal, dating, fashion, beauty and other girly-girl topics. When she’s not obsessed with watercolour calligraphy and pop psychology, her pursuits include dancing and singing.

  • Prabhu Silvam

    Prabhu Silvam is a Singapore-based writer and documentarian whose works have featured across the region in Esquire Magazine, Sports +Travel Magazine, POSKOD and Singapore Architect Magazine. Check out his works.

  • Joseph Nair

    Joe is a Singapore-based freelance photojournalist and sports photographer. He is drawn to urban issues, the in-between space, and likes to make moving things still and still things moving.

  • Tham Yong Xian

    "You’ll usually either find Yong Xian swinging between writing poetry and daydreaming by her cotton-scented candle, or not find her at all as she explores our planet Earth. She hopes to one day explore the rest of this universe… and more."

  • Sarah Liu

    When she isn’t obsessing over coffee or random things, Sarah enjoys anything from novels and comics to film and anime, you name it, biding her time to a day when fiction becomes a probable reality. Or is it the other way around?

  • Wei Lien Chin

    Wei Lien loves anything related to sci fi and fantasy. He has his own sci fi novella even though it had been stuck in production for years. When he isn’t swinging swords or shooting lasers in his mind, he loves exploring S'pore on his trusty bicycle, Shadowfax.

  • Yang Vicki

    Yang Vicki's writings revolve around film, science, culture, travel, history, and culinary topics. On occasion, her efforts can also be seen on screen when she assists on film productions or takes on bit actor roles.

  • Daniel Seifert

    Nobody has travelled more than Dan — mentally, anyway. Always planning his next trip, Dan usually settles for dozing next to his cats and eating Nutella. Journalism keeps him busy, too, from nibbling tarantulas to diving with sharks.