Going Places Singapore is an online magazine about appreciating our city anew. We give you an insider look into familiar neighbourhoods, favourite spaces, and lesser known places. We find out what makes our city tick, what matters most to us and how some of you have been re-shaping the environment around you so that everyone else can enjoy it a little better. We share your personal stories and future dreams to keep us going in transforming our home.

Going Places Singapore is published by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). All opinions expressed in this magazine are not representative of URA’s views. URA is the national planning and conservation authority of Singapore.

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  • Sarah Liu

    When she isn’t obsessing over coffee or random things, Sarah enjoys anything from novels and comics to film and anime, you name it, biding her time to a day when fiction becomes a probable reality. Or is it the other way around?

  • Wei Lien Chin

    Wei Lien is a lover of everything related to science fiction and fantasy. He has a science fiction novella to call his own, even though it has been stuck in production for the past three years. When he isn’t swinging swords or shooting lasers in his mind, he loves exploring Singapore on his trusty bicycle, Shadowfax.

  • Yang Vicki

    Yang Vicki's writings revolve around film, science, culture, travel, history, and culinary topics. On occasion, her efforts can also be seen on screen when she assists on film productions or takes on bit actor roles.

  • Daniel Seifert

    Nobody has travelled more than Dan — mentally, anyway. Always planning his next trip, Dan usually settles for dozing next to his cats and eating Nutella. Journalism keeps him busy, too, from nibbling tarantulas to diving with sharks.

  • Daphne Boey

    Part photographer, part adventurer, Daphne loves seeking out hidden nooks in Singapore — when the scorching weather permits. Most times however, she can be found in the cool comforts of her room, dreaming up new places to explore.

  • Cassandra Yeap

    Cassandra is equally at home whether walking or sleeping for hours. She constantly dreams, asks and watches. Some of her waking hours are spent at URA doing corporate communications; others are spent on all-night movie marathons and good conversation.

  • Iliyas Ong

    Iliyas has written about music, movies and design, but he isn’t a musician, filmmaker or designer. With Going Places, he’s finally writing about the things in which he’s involved first-hand: Singapore, its spaces and its heritage.

  • Kelly Ng

    Wanderer, runner and writer all packed in one. Kelly enjoys talking to people and hearing their stories. Fresh on board the URA communications team, she is currently uncovering tales of cool people and places in her own backyard. Have a good story? She’s all ears.

  • Eunice Lew

    Eunice likes to eat. She doesn’t watch the Food Network (blasphemy!) and can’t do a buffet justice, but she still really likes to eat good food. Also obsessed with window-shopping for her future loft, which probably won’t ever materialise from the salary of writing jobs. She just really likes to eat.

  • Serene Tan

    When Serene is not plotting to go on holidays, she may be cooking, working at the URA as a corporate communications manager, pouring over newsletter layouts, or drinking coffee.

  • Farhana Yusoff

    If sleeping’s an Olympic sport, Farhana reckons she’ll be gunning for gold. But it’s not and she has bills to pay (as much as she likes to pretend that she doesn’t). So she spends her time reading and writing, as part of the communications team at URA. 

  • Chye Hui Sze

    Hui Sze’s dream is to travel the world and watch all Formula 1 races. But there isn’t enough in her bank account. So she’s pursuing her second love – communications at URA. Besides communicating to people, she talks to cats and ‘molests’ them.

  • Sabrina Khoo

    Sabrina wants to teach the world to sing. Right now, she re-packages information into fun learning programmes for URA’s Singapore City Gallery. She also helps teachers and students understand “why Singapore like that?” through outreach activities.

  • Arti Mulchand

    Arti Mulchand is a word-fiend who finds delight in telling stories that make people smile. She is a seasoned journalist who now helms boutique communication consultancy World of Art, where, when she is not on deadline, she specialises in editorial strategy.